Neal Lewis

Neal Lewis is an environmental attorney with over 30 years experience in not-for-profit advocacy on Long Island. Since 2009, Neal has been the executive director of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College, which coordinates the Long Island Clean Energy Leadership Task Force, Long Island Green Homes, The 12 Steps to an Organic Green Lawn educational series, and smart growth initiatives. Since 2018, Neal has also served as the Curriculum Director for the Energeia Partnership at Molloy College.

The Sustainability Institute is currently active regarding policy analysis on the Clean Energy Standard (NYS) and Renewing the Energy Vision (REV) and on related energy policies involving land use issues including solar PV, building efficiency codes, environmental review of proposed offshore wind projects and plans to increase availability of electric vehicle charging stations.

Neal along with Andrew Manitt, have co-authored several white papers on the need to set high energy efficiency performance standards in local building codes, and recently produced a white paper calling upon local governments to adopt a “solar mandate” for all newly built commercial buildings.  

Neal currently serves as the Third-Vice Chair of the Nassau County Planning Commission, which he has served as a member of since 2003. Neal previously served as a trustee on the LIPA Board of Trustees (2009-2013). Neal is also an adjunct faculty member at Molloy where (along with Andrew Manitt), he teaches the class: Introduction to Sustainability.