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Katz Women's Hospital -- LEED Platinum

May 2014
Katz Womens Hospital


Location: Manhasset NY

Building Type: Healthcare − Inpatient Hospital 9,128 Square Feet

The Health System made a commitment to maintain a state of the art Obstetrical practice at its North Shore University Hospital

Project Scope

10% of a Building Suburban Setting Substantial Completion March 2011

Rating: U.S. Green Building Council LEED CI v3 − Certified Platinum

This Project is the 3rd In-Patient Hospital in the World Certified LEED Platinum. This Project is the 1st In-Patient Hospital in the World Certified LEED Platinum under the ID+C Rating System. Environmental Aspects For this project, The North Shore LIJ Health System is anticipating achieving a Platinum Certification under the USGBC’s LEED ID & C v3 rating system. The Health System made a commitment to maintain a state of the art Obstetrical practice at its North Shore University Hospital; this project represents the first phase in the implementation of that goal.

The water efficient plumbing fixtures that are being installed in this project are expected to result in a reduction of more than 50% as compared to current Epact standards. The lighting fixtures installed und er this project are energy efficient and utilize low−mercury lamps. Due to the nature of the project’s usage, special care was taken in the selection and installation of all building products.

All of the paintings and coatings installed on−site were of the low VOC variety. All of the millwork installed utilized FSC certified lumber as a substrate. All flooring materials used was either CRI certified or Floor Score rated. A system−wide green cleaning program will be utilized for the daily environ mental care of the project. Owner and Occupancy Owned and Occupied by the North Shore LIJ Heath System − a Non−Profit Health System

The project comprises an In−Patient Ante Partum Unit of 13 private patient rooms. It is anticipated that an average compliment of 54 staff members including Doctors, Nurses, Clerical, Housekeeping, Food Service and other affiliated support staff will service this unit. On average 70 persons will visit the unit on any given day. The unit is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Building Programs

This project houses a 13 bedded In−Patient Ante−Partum unit. The ancillary spaces included along with the 13 private patient rooms include a full function nursery, nurse’s station, clean utility, soiled utility, IT, offices and other support spaces.

Team and Process Pre−Design

This project represents the Health System’s first attempt at certifying a project under the LEED rating system. The project team was successful in demonstrating to senior leadership the importance of green building and how the model fit with the overarching goal of the Health System to "do no harm."


This project was designed from day one with the intent of certification. The intent was to deliver the project with as little additional costs as practicle. Developing this project in a portion of a building which had recently received a new energy efficient facade and air handling system helped to make that goal a reality. Project Highlights Outdoor air has been increased by 30% above the amount required by code. The concentration of CO2 in the outdoor air and the air within the densely occupied interior spaces is continuously monitored.

The building automation system automatically adjusts the position of the system’s outside air damper based on these readings, to ensure that concentrations are never allowed to vary from preset guidelines, as well as providing alarm indication to the Engineering staff. Occupancy sensors are utilized when appropriate to the space usage.

Low flow plumbing fixtures are used throughout Low VOC paints, sealants, coatings and adhesives are used throughout. 100% of the electrical power utilized on this project for 2 years will be produced by renewable energy sources. 100% of all equipment and appliances installed during this project are compliant with the USEPA’s Energy Star Program.

The existing ceiling tile within this project space was removed, recycled and the new high recycled content ceiling tiles were produced from this recycled material, within 500 miles of the project site. The majority of the wallboard used on this project was manufactured using synthetic gypsum, a recycled coal combustion product. The Health System commissioned the laboratory testing of this material to en sure that no adverse effects could occur from its use in the life cycle of the project building. This material was tested in a controlled laboratory environment prior to its use on the project to ensure that there would be no adverse off−gassing over time. The test results indicated that the synthetic gypsum was in fact better than mined gypsum, with regards to the potential long term emissions of the product.

The project was designed such that there is no water carrying piping installed above the patient room ceilings, with the exception of a fire suppression system, reducing significantly the potential for mold growth in this area. Special attention was paid to the acoustical properties of the space. Sound attenuating wallboard was installed at all patient rooms and other sensitive areas to control ambient noise transmission. Medical Gas piping as well as electrical conduits were installed so that there is no direct sound path, room to room. This attention to detail will allow for a significantly quieter environment for our patients, reducing stress and shortening length of stay while improving outcomes.

Primary Team Members

Neil Rosen, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CHFM, EDAC North Shore LIJ Health System Owner − Project Director−Sustainable Development Vice Chairman − USGBC Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group Manhasset, NY www.northshorelij.com

Ernest LaFemina, AIA, LEED Green Associate North Shore LIJ Health System Owner − Project Architect Manhasset, NY www.northshorelij.com

Siu−Wan Elsie Low, LEED AP North Shore LIJ Health System Owner − Senior Project Manager Manhasset, NY www.northshorelij.com

James May III, AIA, LEED AP Francis Cauffman; formerly with Granary Associates Director of Healthcare New York, NY www.franciscauffman.com

Daniel Cusick, RA Stantec Architecture Project Architect New York, NY www.stantec.com

Linda McNulty, LEED AP Lizardos Engineering Consulting Engineer Mineola, NY www.leapc.com

Frank Piccirillo, LEED AP Axis Contruction Senior Project Manager Hauppauge, NY www.theaxisgroup.com

Paul Meyer, PE, LEED AP, CEM WSP Flack and Kurtz; formerly with Horizon Engineering Vice President − Commissioning New York, NY www.wspfk.com


Credits USGBC − LEED CI v3 − Anticipated 89 Points

Sustainable Sites

o SS Credit 1 − Option 2 Paths 1, 3, 5 and 12

o SS Credit 2 − Development Density and Community Connectivity

o SS Credit 3.1 − Alternative Transportation−Public Transportation Access

Water Efficiency

o WE Credit 1 − Water Use Reduction

Energy and Atmosphere

o EA Credit 1.1−Optimize Energy Performance − Lighting Power

o EA Credit 1.3−Optimize Energy Performance − HVAC

o EA Credit 1.4−Optimize Energy Performance−Equipment and Appliances

o EA Credit 2 − Enhanced Commissioning

o EA Credit 3 − Measurement and Verification

o EA Credit 4 − Green Power

Materials and Resources

o MR Credit 1.1 − Tenant Space − Long Term Commitment

o MR Credit 2 − Construction Waste Management

o MR Credit 4 − Recycled Content

o MR Credit 5 − Regional Materials

o MR Credit 7 − Certified Wood

Indoor Environmental Quality

o EQ Credit 1 − Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring

o EQ Credit 2− Increased Ventilation

o EQ Credit 3.1 − Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan − During Construction

o EQ Credit 3.2 − Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan − Before Occupancy

o EQ Credit 4.1 − Low−Emmitting Materials − Adhesives and Sealants

o EQ Credit 4.2 − Low−Emmitting Materials − Paints and Coatings

o EQ Credit 4.3 − Low−Emmitting Materials − Flooring Systems

o EQ Credit 4.4−Low−Emmitting Materials−Composite Wood & Agrifiber

o EQ Credit 4.5−Low−Emmitting Materials−Systems Furniture & Seating

o EQ Credit 5 − Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control

o EQ Credit 6.1 − Controllability of Systems − Lighting

o EQ Credit 6.2 − Controllability of Systems −Thermal Comfort

o EQ Credit 7.1 − Thermal Comfort − Design

o EQ Credit 7.2 − Thermal Comfort −Verification

Innovation and Design Process

o Innovation in Design Credit 1.1− Green Cleaning

o Innovation in Design Credit 1.2− Energy Star Exemplary

o Innovation in Design Credit 1.3− Water Exemplary

o Innovation in Design Credit 1.4− Green Education

o Innovation in Design Credit 1.5− Green Power Exemplary Regional Priority

About LEED®

The LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is a feature-oriented rating system that awards buildings points for satisfying specified greenbuilding criteria. The six major environmental categories of review include: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental. Quality and Innovation and Design. Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of LEED green building certification are awarded based on the total number of points earned within each LEED category.

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