Sustainable Transportation


Transportation and parking policies have a large environmental, economic and social impact. Transportation is a major contributor to air pollution and greenhouse gases; 27% of U.S. greenhouse gases are from transportation. Transportation also represents 28% of total energy consumed in the US. In fact, the amount of energy used by employees getting to work is often equal to the amount they consume at work. Transportation is also a significant factor in LEED certification with the ability to earn up to 17 transportation related points.

The Sustainable Transportation Committee seeks to address these and other transportation issues. The mission of the committee is to educate our USGBC-LI members and the public on the impact of transportation on the environment and best practices for sustainable transportation including the implementation of workplace travel plans that incorporate effective transportation demand management and parking management strategies. Through seminars and advocacy, we hope to transform the way transportation is viewed by buildings and communities on Long Island in order to improve our air quality, reduce greenhouse emissions and finally, unclog our roadways.

Rosemary Mascali | Chair
Rosemary Mascali, LEED-AP O+M, is manager of Transit Solutions, a federally funded program of the MTA that promotes transit ridership on Long Island to improve air quality and reduce traffic more »